Premieres with a FREE weekend screening beginning Thursday, February 25 at 5pm PT through Sunday, February 28 at 11:59pm PT

“We Can Never Go Back to Before” is a lyric from the musical Ragtime, a show based on a book about America at the turn of the century. It exemplifies how in a time of radical change there is no reaching back for normalcy or the nostalgia of the comforts we once knew.

The Gaze is a cycle of plays, New Media Series, and a #Digiplay Experience that examines the process of building culturally specific and queer works of color in historically white spaces. It tackles hard topics like systemic racism and the ways in which we at times implicate ourselves in our own trauma; how both of these things can be true in the same time space continuum. It wrestles with the question:

Why strain to be free under a gaze fixed on your imprisonment when it’s you who is holding the key?

Why stay? Go where? No Homo is the first play in the cycle.


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