Good Morning Comrade: When I was a lost gay teenager and desperate in my twenties, there was no visible gay elder or adult anywhere that could help me discover my gifts and heal from institutionalized hetero supremacy. My life was spared by taking silent refuge in Walt Whitman’s poetry.

One of the building blocks of my subsequent life as a gay community organizer has been the lived wisdom President Biden shared above in his Inaugural address.

If possible, could you lend us a hand? We are a grassroots, intergenerational group of gay/queer men ranging in age from 20 to 82 who could use your assistance.

Can you help us reach far and wide by forwarding the video above to friends, family, and colleagues? Please share throughout your social networks, and to specific gay/queer men of all ages who need to know about this groundbreaking effort!

Want to do more than spread the word? Add your voice to this global call.

How about helping us by making a 1-2 minute video talking about the need for eldering and mentoring in the community which will help drive people to our website at

It’s easy and there is tech support available if needed. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested and I will send you information and ideas on how to do it. While “A Global Call for Submissions” to the book is directed toward gay/queer men, such short videos have been received from men and women, gay and hetero, binary and fluid, black and white. And a big Dinah Shore kiss to you!

E Pluribus Unum

Don Kilhefner

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