Halloween Carnaval is tonight, clocks go back on Saturday and most importantly voting is Tuesday!

hwn081gladiatorsThe West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval is Tonight!The City is gearing up for yet another fantastic evening of outrageous costumes and top-notch entertainment. Join us tonight between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Santa Monica Boulevard between Doheny Drive and La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood.  Permit parking is lifted until 7AM tomorrow, but meters are still being enforced.  For more information on parking and street closures visit weho.org.
Don't forget to turn your clocks back on Saturday!
Daylight Savings Time officially comes to an end this Sunday morning at 2 A.M.  That means that at 2 A.M., the clock is turned back to 1 A.M.  For those of you who are club-goers, this means an extra hour of partying!
Vote Early on November 4th
Many activists are urging us to vote early on November 4th so that voters don't skip the voting process based on the early polling results which could give false optimism due to the closeness of the race.  And did we say VOTE NO ON 8?  Errata: we reversed the Proposition 8 poll percentages in last week's newsletter.  The poll showed 52% against prop. 8 and 44% in favor.  So things aren't as bad as we may have led you to believe, but we still need to spread the word - it is too close to call.

Pictured (l-r) Brent's partner Tim of 14 years, son Cole, daughter Kathryn and Brent.  Brent sent the letter to the right to his friends and family in an effort to express why it is important for all of us to VOTE NO on Proposition 8.

Gay Couples
In a recent newsletter we asked gay couples to email us for an article on relationships that we were writing.  Ethan Mechare's piece on couples gives some of the experiences of couples who have been together 5+ years.  Speaking of couples, we re-printed a letter that Brent McEwan wrote to his friends and family urging them to vote NO ON PROP 8.  It is very touching and gets to the core of why this proposition is so hateful and condescending to us.
There are just too many events to mention this weekend.  Check out our calendar section for more details!
There will be an Election Night party at the Henry Fonda's Music Box from 6-12 on November 4th.  The event is sponsored by the Advocate and should be great venue to celebrate what we hope to be positive election results on proposition 8 and the presidential candidate.  Admission is $10.
See you on the Boulevard!