WestHollywood.com would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and the best for this coming New Year!

Happy Holidays!
WestHollywood.com wishes you all a Happy Holiday Season and the best for this coming New Year!  Barack Obama's Election, The Economy and Proposition 8 are all continuing stories that we'll continue to see play out in 2009 and beyond.  Here's to a New Year that sees all of these issues move in a direction that allows us all to live in a more prosperous world with equality for all.
Sexual Racism is a topic that has created heated debate on our discussion board since the first comment was posted over 9 years ago.  We asked Ethan Mechare to give us his take on the subject.  Read more in his article M4M: Whites Only, No Fats, No Fems where he explores racism and discrimination in the online dating world.  Is it racist to prefer one race in bed over the other?  We'd love to hear your thoughts and welcome your postings to the board.
This week Angelo dispenses advice to a person writing in who finds the Holidays to be frustrating, especially this year due to the economy.  There are 4 common "F" areas that Angelo sees as sources for frustration: Fantasies, Food, Finances and Family.
Firemen Of The Sunset Strip Calendar Benefits Animal Rescue
by Ryan Gierach, WeHoNews.com
The hotties of WeHo’s Fire Station 8, led by Capt. Rick Brandelli, decided they wanted to do right by the many animals in need and decided to leverage their looks to raise funds through a calendar that would benefit the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF). This is your chance to help out the pooches and catch some beefy eye candy in one transaction!
There are plenty of Holiday activities leading up to and immediately following the New Year, beginning with Fridays at Eleven where DJ Manny Lehmann will be spinning tonight and continuing on tomorrow where the Henry Fonda will host Scandal.  Check out our calendar section for more details.
Happy Holidays... Be safe, stay warm, and we'll see you on the Boulevard!